World Fandom January 25th 2022
*********MAILED BADGES OPTION is now open*********

We are excited to announce that we will offer to mail badges to members who register by November 12th. This is entirely optional and must be requested using our online form. We know that in the past, the lines for pre-registration pickup can be very long. In some cases as long as three hours. We are hoping that a majority of our pre-registered members will take advantage of this service. This should not only help you to get through registration in minutes, but also free up registration to help with at-the-door registrations. If you chose not to have us mail your badge, you can still pick up your badge at the event.

Important Information:
We are accepting requests to mail badges from Friday, October 15th through Friday, November 12th
All of the badges will be mailed out on Monday, November 15th
If you purchase a membership for someone else (age 13+), the membership belongs to them, not the purchaser
If we find an existing account with an identical name and email address that you entered, the membership will be assigned to this user...
...otherwise, we will create a new user account with this name and email address and assign the membership to it
The username and password for these accounts can be retrieved using the Forgot Password page
Requests for the badge to be mailed, or the membership to be transferred to someone else, must come from the member and not the purchaser
The purchaser can see a list of badges that they purchased on their My Account > My Badges page
If you purchased child badges (below age 13), you they will show up under your account and you can have the badges mailed to you.
You can check the My Account > My Badges page for a live view of your badge status.

Starting Monday, October 15th paid members can request to have their AnimeFest 2021 badge mailed to them by going to My Account > My Badges and filling out the form. You cannot request this prior to July 1st because we need to confirm your mailing address as close to the time we mail the badge as possible. We don’t have the resources to handle hundreds of address change requests or to deal with lots of returned mail.


We will only be mailing the pre-activated photo insert for your badge. The pouch, lanyard, pocket program and program book will need to be picked up at the event. This will be a separate line, but it should be super quick as we just need to hand you your stuff without having to look anything up. The photo insert is easily damaged, so please make sure you keep it in good shape and remember to bring it to the con.

Why can't I request a badge I purchased for someone else to be mailed?
We don't sell tickets, we sell memberships to our charity organization. If you purchase a membership for someone else, it belongs to them the moment the purchase is complete. They will need to login to their online account to request the badge or to request to transfer their membership to someone else.

How do I check if my badge will be mailed to me?
You can check to see if you've opted in for mailing or not, by checking My Account > My Badges under each member's account.

Why do I still have to wait in line at the con even if I had my badge mailed?
If you have your badge mailed you will still need to pick up more of your membership supplies than what we mail to you. What we mail you is your personalized badge insert. That is the part that takes all the time at the convention to look up and print. With mailed badges, all we have to do is trade the letter we send you for a badge pouch, lanyard, convention guide, and any other goodies we might have for you. There is no lookup or print process so it should only take a second or two per member. So, even if there is a line it will go extremely quickly. Unlike the badge pickup line where your personal records have to be found and your personalized badge has to be printed.

Can I transfer my badge to someone if I have had it mailed?
No, once a badge is printed and activated it CANNOT be transferred,