GameFest 2020 August 14th – 17th 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
All about the Japanese Game Market
GameFest 2019
Sunday 5:00PM for 1h in GP
Tag along with Japanime Games and Yasushi Kuroda and take a deep dive into the Japanese Game Market.
Kuroda Yasushi
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Eric Price
Eric Price is the founder and President of Japanime Games. He began his journey in Table Top gaming in the 1990's, heavily involved with Collectible Card Games such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon and became one of the first online retailers selling games with Cardhaus Games, back in 1998. Since establishing Japanime Games in 2010, Eric has produced over 30 titles from designers all over the world, and Japanime Games titles are now produced in 8 languages. Eric travels to Japan at least once a year to find more great games to bring to the rest of the world.
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