GameFest 2020 August 14th – 17th 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
The Double Cross
GameFest 2019
Friday 6:00PM for 6h in BattleTech1
Darkling Inc took the contract from the Local Government to protect them from the Pirates. One of the local officials thought that the group was just some small time Mercenaries they could sacrifice to show the government could not protect their people. So they told the Pirates where the mercs were landing and when to attack. The Pirates in their overconfidence; thinking that the Mercenary group would be overrun by them easily, fully committed to the attack on Darkling Inc by positioning themselves behind the Mercs in the end of the canyon. When the command star landed from Darkling Inc landed the Pirates were expecting some normal Inner sphere mechs, not a star of clan mechs. The greener forces broke and ran when they saw that, those that had jump jets to scale the walls used them and bugged out, the remaining units have to evade and get away from the Clan Star that is hunting them. The fight will be a 10 Inner Sphere mechs vs a Star of Clan mechs, the Pirate mechs will be in various states of repair and will be trying to find an exit to get away before reinforcements arrive by round 8.