GameFest 2020 August 14th – 17th 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Lone Star SpeedFEST

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Lone Star SpeedFEST.

1. General Public Information
2. Ticket Information
3. Submissions, Cuts, and Schedule
4. Runner Information
5. Volunteers

General Public Information

Viewing the marathon is open to everyone with a GameFest or AnimeFest badge from August 16th-18th.. While attendance is going to be varied, we will aim to feature over 25 live/online runs over the three days that the marathon will be offered.

The Lone Star SpeedFEST will be featured on its own Twitch channel at

We have our own Discord room at Please join it to get instant updates to everything about the marathon.

A frequent visitor to Visit us there at We will also accept runs from there.

We are in discussion with World Fandom to be the charity supported by Lone Star SpeedFEST. More news when it's available!

Venue: The Sheraton in Downtown Dallas. It will be located at 400 Olive Street in Downtown Dallas. Precise room information will be relayed as soon as I know it.

Please affirm to the convention code of conduct and Twitch Terms of Service for all things, including their weapons policy.

Ticket information

Admission to AnimeFEST or GameFEST will get you in to the Lone Star SpeedFEST. You can purchase tickets at the door, or get them at discounted prices beforehand at

Submissions, Cuts, and Schedule

We will accept two forms of submissions this year. First is a google form (located here: and second is through Submissions are now open until July 1st at 11:00 pm US Central time.

There will be one round of cuts taking place via a four-person panel that will occur from July 2nd to July 15th. The resulting schedule will be finalized by August 1st here at

Runner Information

For now, Email and Discord will be our primary means of communication. Please provide a valid email when you submit your runs.

Consoles: The convention is NOT providing any consoles to the marathon. Please provide your own. This includes any converters that you are required to use.

Inputs: We will support these inputs (pending our equipment availability):
Composite for SD Consoles

We will not support:
Anything else not mentioned

PC Runners: We will most likely provide a runner PC. It’s specs:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: AMD FX-6350
GPU: GTX 650

If the specs are not satisfactory for your game, feel free to bring your own laptop (HDMI Output required) (Preferred method of PC gaming.)

If a controller is required, I can provide DualShock 4 controllers operated by DS4Windows. I never had an issue with the software, and it should be valid for your runs.

The game installation will be done during either downtime (in between days) or when consoles are running. Please talk to me ahead of time to install your game.

Please note: We HIGHLY encourage you to bring your own games and/or required software on a USB stick. While we may have internet, please keep in mind that it is hotel internet, and it may not install your game properly.

Practice: We will provide a separate practice room for runners. ONLY RUNNERS WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THIS ROOM! The public is free to use the Arcade to play their games. While our TV availability is going to be limited, we will provide some TVs for you all to practice on. There will NOT be a practice PC for you to play since the PC will be used to stream the marathon.

Emulation policy: We will NOT provide emulators for games available on a console. Arcade emulation is not off the table, however.

Volunteer Information

The Lone Star SpeedFEST is open for volunteers! If you're interested, please volunteer at and sign up for GameFEST Programming. Mention in your volunteer application that you want to volunteer for the Lone Star SpeedFEST