GameFest 2020 August 14th – 17th 2020 Sheraton Dallas Hotel

ParaPara by EKS-D

The Rules!
1 person at a time is permitted within the structure/play area.

If other players are waiting, players are limited to:
3 songs or a "Stage Fail", whichever comes first.
1 song in practice mode.

Players must obey all warnings and signs and must follow the instructions of the EKS-D attendant if one is present.

For safety, attendees must not hang, climb, or lean on the structure and no horseplay or reckless behavior will be tolerated.

Players are asked to remove loose articles and protruding props or costume pieces.
(Ideally, players should be able to stand in the center of the structure and be able to fully outstretch and raise their arms with full clearance.)

This attraction is offered on a "Play at Your Own Risk" basis. EKS-D ParaPara, AnimeFest, the hotel, nor any of the aforementioned's representatives are liable for injury resulting from, but not limited to: negligent or reckless behavior; misuse of the equipment; or ignoring posted warnings, signs, or instructions.